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By giving to the Alumni Association, you allow the association to prioritize what matters most to our alumni: cultivating the alumni community and supporting current students. The impact of Bobcats' collective giving power helps foster the growth of the alumni network while enhancing the reputation of the university and increasing the value of your degree. Because the Alumni Association does not operate on a membership model, alumni are able to provide support to the university by giving to the Alumni Association at whatever level and frequency they are able.

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Did you know that cumulative giving to the Alumni Association adds up to benefit you, too? When the total amount you have given to the Alumni Association reaches $1,000 (or $500 for alumni who have graduated in the last five years), you automatically join an exclusive group of alumni the Forever Bobcats. As you work your way toward this special recognition, you’ll also be making a difference in the Bobcat community.

To check your progress towards becoming a Forever Bobcat, please call 512-245-2371 or email

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